QUIDD Token Introduction

The next-generation of NFT marketplace tokens.

The QUIDD Token is the native asset for the Quidd community and its network of participants, including collectors, artists, brands, creators, and developers.

Quidd is committed to an open and vibrant ecosystem, one where content creators, software developers, and collectors alike are appropriately motivated and receive commensurate benefit in return for the value they contribute to the network.

In particular, the token design improves upon utility and governance tokens issued by similar NFT marketplaces in 2020. These improvements include:

  • Earning Proportional To Long-Term Value Creation: Quidd collectors can earn more QUIDD by performing activities that create long-term value, as opposed to solely through weekly trading activity, which is known to have the adverse effect of creating wash trading. Stated simply, more tokens can be earned by performing activities that promote long-term health than inflate short-term key performance indicators.

  • Staking For Collector Superpowers: advanced collectors can stake their QUIDD tokens in return for exclusive access to professional-grade collector tools and services, including bidding on wholesale purchases, storefront analytics, and volume discounts on sales fees; the best tools, those that transform hobby collectors into collectibles business-builders, will only be gained through staking QUIDD.

  • Real Purchase Utility: the QUIDD Token will be integrated into Quidd’s Cash Wallet, enabling millions of buyers and sellers around the world to price and settle transactions in the QUIDD Token instead of only fiat. Holders of QUIDD Token may receive discounts on aftermarket sales fees as well as exclusive buying windows compared to alternative payment methods.

  • Supply-Side Governance for Collectors: token holders, proportional to their holdings, can provide advisory votes to determine how funds in the Quidd’s content and licensing budgets are deployed. Of note, these decisions include determining new IP to license and production forecasts for existing IP. In this way, token holders become active participants in current production decisions and can use votes to protect the value of their older collectibles by limiting future supply.

  • Developer Ecosystem Benefits: Quidd is more than an app, catalog, or community, it is a platform ripe for third-party development. Collecting is universal in large part because it scratches so many itches. To meet these diverse needs and collecting use cases, Quidd will deploy QUIDD to motivate third-party software developers to build integrated apps, games, and metaverses.

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