QUIDD Token Objectives

100 years of Quidd.

Collectibles, like antiques, is a game played out over centuries.

Simply put, collectors must have the confidence that what they own can be passed down from generation to generation while appreciating in value.

While the transition to real money collecting via Cash Account expands the Quidd buyer base and the minting of NFTs makes Quidd collectibles indestructible, it is not a guarantee that the Quidd collecting community can sustain for 100 years or more.

Despite the indisputable innovations of NFTs, all collectibles markets, even those composed solely of NFTs, face sustainability issues. In other words, Quidd’s NFTs can sustain, but can its collector community?

Therefore, Quidd is introducing the QUIDD Token, the official token of the Quidd community. Its mission is simple: to sustain the Quidd collector community and network participants for the next century.

To do so, Quidd will use the QUIDD Token to forge a new cooperative economic model for its ecosystem, one that aligns motivations not just with Quidd’s collectors, but with additional participants, including rights-holders, artists, producers, retailers, and developers.

There are two hallmarks of this new model: Collector Empowerment and Market Resiliency.

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