Benefits and utility for promoting the world of Quidd.

The Marketing Fund allocation represents 5.00% of the total QUIDD supply.

To unlock these tokens, eligible contributors must perform certain content production, traditional marketing, and distribution and growth activities designed to integrate Quidd – and its stories – to the broader context of the world around us. These activities include:

  • Market Coverage: producing and distributing content across social media, videos, podcasts, and other methods covering market news aimed at old and new collectors. Such programming could include reports on upcoming new drops, highlights of top marketplace sales, interviews with collectors and community leaders, origin stories of legendary collectibles, aftermarket price analyses, and various “op-ed style” commentary on the textures of the Quidd collectibles market.

  • Retail Affiliates: promoting Quidd, evangelizing digital collecting, and registering new collectors at brick-and-mortar hobby and comic book shops in order to attract and convert traditional physical collectors and help them to start their first digital collection.

  • Local or Regional Distributors: operating Quidd digital franchises in international markets, including securing relevant local collectibles content, translating and localizing the application experience, and executing local go-to-market strategies to build up Quidd’s international collector base.

Tokens earned via the Marketing Fund will be distributed on a case-by-case basis, based on unique performance targets and lockup schedules, following the identifying, structuring, negotiating, closing, and implementing of custom business partnerships.

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