Supply-Side Governance

Moving supply and broader platform decisions to the community.

The Quidd Token will act as the primary governance instrument for the Quidd network. Holders of the token will have the ability, very likely based in proportion to the amount of token held, to influence the following decisions through the use of advisory votes:

Platform & Functionality

  • New features

  • New third-party development projects

  • New platforms

  • New blockchains for NFT minting

  • New currencies to facilitate trading and settlement

Business & Operations

  • Advanced functionality included in subscription services

  • Sales and withdrawal fees

  • Selection of community ambassadors and moderators

  • Future decentralization and governance

  • Allocation of QUIDD Tokens from the Marketing and Content & Developers Funds

Supply, Design, and Production

  • New IP and brands for licensing and partnerships

  • Number of set releases per licensed IP and subject

  • Production ranges for approved sets

  • Case-by-case approval on design concepts

Of particular note is the application of community-led governance to licensing and content production decisions, enabling collectors to use QUIDD Tokens and their voting rights to protect their existing collections by limiting future supply.

Overall, these votes provide Quidd team members with signals of the wants and needs of the community.

The team anticipates abiding by the results of votes, but it should be noted that such votes are technically non-binding. Holding QUIDD does not confer to token holders legal rights to manage the business or receive profits. Instead, such advisory votes provide the clearest and most formal signal of community sentiment that the Quidd team would be wise to implement.

It is also expected that for busy collectors that hold QUIDD, these token holders will be able to delegate their voted to trusted representatives. For example, Game Of Thrones collectors could guild together, delegating their collective token votes into a single trusted individual to represent the broader needs of the Game Of Thrones community in matters that span the entire Quidd community.

For 5 years, the Quidd community has proven that it, as a collective entity, not only has the best long-term interests of Quidd in mind, but also knows far more about the inner workings of the collectibles aftermarket than the Quidd team members themselves.

The company is thrilled that the QUIDD Token is the first step in a longer journey to put the operations of Quidd in the hands of the community members that value it most.

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