Collect To Earn

Allocations for fostering future demand, not simply short-term liquidity.

The Collect To Earn allocation represents 12.50% of the total QUIDD supply.

Active collectors with a Linked Wallet and residing in participating countries are eligible to earn Collect To Earn tokens.

To unlock these tokens, eligible collectors must perform certain community-building activities designed to foster short- and long-term demand. These include:

  • Top Buyers: buying Quidd collectibles in the cash aftermarket from other Cash Account collectors will net outsized allocations of Collect To Earn tokens; in particular, the top 20 spenders each month will receive 50% of the monthly allotment for Top Buyers out of Collect To Earn.

  • Depositor Referrals: recruiting new collectors and converting them into depositors will unlock Collect To Earn tokens; such evangelism and on-boarding contributes to expanding the buyer base.

  • Offers Participation: activating Quidd’s upcoming “Bid Platform”, opening collectors up to anonymous bids for owned inventory will unlock Collect To Earn tokens; such openness to selling ensures new buyers are not frozen out of slower-moving markets.

  • Catalog & Taxonomy: providing tags and reviewing tag submissions in order to more deeply classify and understand Quidd’s back catalog will unlock Collect To Earn tokens; such work improves item discovery and supports tag-based checklists allowing for dynamic, unstructured collecting in the future.

  • Online Conventions: organizing, promoting, and running in-app events that pool liquidity around certain brands, sets, or items will unlock Collect To Earn tokens; such social activities bind collectibles communities together in ways commercial transactions cannot.

  • Market Ambassadors: supporting new collectors and their discovery of vintage collectibles by passing on tribal knowledge through in-app chats will unlock Collect To Earn tokens; such passing down of folklore is vital in building successive waves of future demand.

In this way, the Collect To Earn allocation of the QUIDD Token is purposefully designed to avoid over-indexing on motivations for short-term trading, or so-called wash trading. Artificial increases to short-term trading volume are ultimately detrimental to the long-term health of a collectibles marketplace.

As a result, collectors that chase Collect To Earn tokens will act as responsible stewards from the collectibles market, not as short-term wash-traders colluding to execute trades, generating misleading market information in the process.

Tokens earned via Collect To Earn will be distributed on a monthly basis in proportion to each eligible collectors’ activity for that past month.

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