Team & Advisors

Allocations for building the Quidd marketplace and ecosystem.

The Team & Advisors allocation represents 15.00% of the overall token supply.

Team & Advisors tokens will be allocated to Quidd employees, extended team members, and outside advisors as compensation. This includes approximately 20 individuals responsible for building and powering Quidd.

Quidd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Animoca Brands. As such, Animoca Brands, as the parent company that funded Quidd’s recent development and operations, has been allocated nearly half of the Team & Advisors allocation, which it intends to hold as part of its long-term treasury.

Tokens allocated from this portion of the pool vest over 3 years with a one year cliff, ensuring all stakeholders are aligned. Quidd team members will not receive tokens in advance of any other ecosystem participant.

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