A who’s who of NFT and DeFI pioneers.
Quidd’s primary backer is Animoca Brands, the global leader in branded blockchain gaming. Animoca is led by visionary chairman Yat Siu and has directly invested in nearly all of the most successful blockchain collectibles and gaming companies in the past three years.
Animoca’s notable investments include:
  • Dapper Labs: makers of CryptoKitties and NBA TopShot, now the most successful NFT project of all-time, generating more than $600,000,000 in aftermarket GMV in less than 6 months. Dapper is also the operator of the FLOW blockchain and has issued the FLOW Token, which has a market cap at the time of writing of over $12,000,000.
  • The Sandbox: the leading decentralized virtual world featuring NFTs. The Sandbox has sold millions of dollars worth of virtual real estate and sold over $20M of its SAND Token. At the time of writing, the SAND Token has a market cap greater than $700,000,000.
  • F1 Delta Time: developed in-house at Animoca, F1 Delta Time is the official blockchain-based racing car game of Formula 1. While still in pre-release F1 Delta Time was responsible for selling the most expensive NFT of 2019, selling a 1-1-1 digital racing car for $111,000.
  • OpenSea: the first and largest peer-to-peer marketplace for crypto goods, OpenSea is the default aftermarket for NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Axie Infinity: one of the most popular blockchain games in 2020, Axie Infinity is a Pokemon-inspired gaming platform where gamers collect cute characters, called Axies. In February 2021, Axie Infinity facilitated the largest digital land sale ever, worth roughly $1,500,000. Now in July, Axie Infinity consistently ranks as the top NFT project based on daily GMV.
Yat led the acquisition of Quidd in 2020 with a keen eye to remaking Quidd -- and its extensive assortment of collectibles -- into a crypto-native marketplace pulsating with thousands of branded NFTs.
The advisory team is rounded out with digital asset specialists, crypto industry veterans, and deep tech experts.
Yat Siu
Co-founder and CEO at Animoca Brands. He is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He is the CEO and founder of Outblaze (sold B2B business to IBM in 2009) and he has received recognition for his role as an entrepreneur focused on Internet and technology companies.
Robby Yung
Robby Yung is the CEO of Animoca Brands, a Hong Kong-based mobile game developer and publisher listed in Australia. He was previously the Co-founder and CFO of Redgate Media, a venture-backed Chinese television and outdoor media holding company sold to Inno-Tech Holdings Limited (HK.8202).
Sherman Lee
Sherman Lee is a co-founder at Raven Protocol where he researches Decentralized AI/ML. He is an angel investor at Deep Ventures and an author at Forbes/Hackernoon exploring the latest advancements in crypto, blockchain, and deep tech.
Mark Cheng
Mark is a partner at Mind Fund Group, a global venture investing company and has been involved in the blockchain space since 2016. Mark has a BSc. from Carnegie Mellon University and a MBA from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
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