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Staking that yields more success as a collector, not just more return on tokens.
Quidd collectors that hold QUIDD -- either obtained through Collect To Earn activities or, for collectors located in eligible countries, through acquiring via an exchange -- will have an opportunity to stake their QUIDD to unlock monthly collector features and benefits.
Starting in 2022, Quidd will introduce multi-tier, value-added Collector Super Services designed to up-level collectors from intermediate to advanced usage.
These professional-grade features, exclusive to holders of theQUIDD Token, will help collectors be more successful, and could include:
  • Unlimited Cash Auctions
  • Unlimited Cash Repacks and Raffles
  • Improved Listings Management Tools
  • Storefront Customization
  • Storefront and Listing Promotion
  • Advanced Notice on Blind Offers
  • In-Depth Item Population Reports
  • Real-Time Circulation Data
  • Unlimited Blind Offers
  • Low Print Locators
At the end of each month, staked collectors can choose to discontinue their subscription to the Collector Super Services -- a process that will be easier than unsubscribing from most fiat-based monthly subscriptions -- releasing their tokens from escrow.
As a result, staked tokens only stay staked if collectors are receiving commensurate benefits from these Collector Super Services. This creates a reciprocal pressure on the Quidd team to ensure that associated features are truly helpful, otherwise tokens will become un-staked.
Perhaps most importantly, the increased utility derived from staking tokens is not simply more tokens or more returns per token. Instead, the benefits are those that come from being a better collector on Quidd.
The final list of features will be voted on by the community with pricing determined before final rollout.
Last modified 4mo ago
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