Content & Developers

Allocations for issuing new content and expanding the Quidd network.

The Content & Developers Fund allocation represents 12.50% of the total QUIDD supply.

To unlock these tokens, eligible brands, artists, content creators, and software developers must contribute to creating and growing a healthy and vibrant ecosystem with a broad range of world-class content that can flow through various third-party experiences built on top of the Quidd network.

Content activities include:

  • Content Licensing: granting rights to produce officially-licensed digital collectibles featuring the names and likenesses of popular IP to either Quidd or its publishing partners for distribution on Quidd or its future network of third-party applications; this includes media and entertainment companies, sports leagues, players associations, artists, consumer brands, celebrities, and influencers.

  • Publishing Partnerships: entering into non-exclusive, co-exclusive, or exclusive publishing agreements with content producers and third-party digital collectibles licensees to bring more digital collectibles content to the Quidd marketplace and ecosystem.

  • Art Production Services: concepting, designing, and producing actual digital collectibles artwork, either as an extended member of the Quidd production team or as outside collaborators on limited-engagement projects.

Tokens earned by rightsholders, media companies, sports leagues, brands, and artists in the Content & Developers Fund will be distributed through custom business partnerships with performance targets and lockup schedules determined on a case-by-case basis.

Developer activities include:

  • Beta Developer Program Participation: engaging in hackathons, providing technical feedback, and helping mature off-chain and on-chain APIs and SDKs for future front-end and back-end development integrations.

  • On-Chain Integrations: assisting in custom smart contract development, auditing, testing, and deploying to testnets and mainnets in order to accelerate minting scale to existing and new blockchains. This could also include crypto wallet integrations and the development of bi-directional minting gateways to link the off-chain world on-chain, and back.

  • Application Development: developing, testing, deploying, and operating a range of new collectibles experiences, including third-party specialized storefronts, games, metaverses, display and gallery environments, and hardware integrations, designed to extend collectible use-cases behind the core Quidd application.

Tokens earned by developers in the Content & Developers Fund will be distributed through competitions, hackathons, and custom product and business partnerships.

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