Hidden Gems

Collectibles have a quirk that most other product categories do not: as they get older, they get more valuable.

Digital collectibles issued on Quidd do not disappear. They are burned, melded, or reclaimed. They can, and have, sat in digital collections collecting digital dust for years. And this is a very good thing.

In this regard, 2016 through 2020 was a period of planting seeds. 2021, with Cash Account and NFTs, is the period to start harvesting. Tens of thousands of extremely rare digital collectibles are waiting to be unearthed from their digital time capsules, dusted off, and re-assessed for their newfound collectible value.

Specifically, about 75,000 #1 items exist in circulation -- those lucky items emblazoned with a #1 serial number that sell for 1,000x more than higher serial-numbered copies.

Moreover, another curious feature about collectibles is that they almost always start as something else.

Unknown artists spend years producing works that don’t gain a following, don’t appreciate in value, or don’t take on a certain collectibility until after the artist dies. Simpler still, baseball cards began as mass market products, more likely to be found in someone’s bike spokes than in a vault, in a museum, or in a portfolio.

And in many ways, Quidd’s starting point as a highly-accessible, free-to-collect, and highly fun and entertaining experience is commensurate with seeding the 1952 baseball card market with Mickey Mantle rookie cards and giving them time to appreciate.

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